Partners & Children

I have recently become aware of the fact that carrying on your legacy is not something that easy. It’s technically just going somewhere with people who think like you and BAM! You can marry and have children, except… No. We usually overlook a huge amount of factors because we tend to think practically when we have ideals, like it’s a war field and you have to simply move your soldiers. We’re not dealing with the fact that each and every person is a different one and it’s the small stuff that makes us who we are. I mean, it’s great we’re following the same ideals, but who are you, the real you, when no one is looking? How do you organize your bathroom, do you fold your bedsheets? Do you even use sheets or just the blanket? Wake up early? Like working hard or finding easy ways to accomplish tasks?

You may think that’s something bad, but really pals, I’m being optimistic here. This scenario is already set within the pre-condition that you actually manage to FIND someone that falls under your generally “wanted” profile. Which is not easy. Not at all.

Contemplate this: Suppose there is a group of about some hundred thousand individuals who do share some ideas regarding their ancestry. You now scatter them around the globe. Not so big a piece of the globe, but it reaches from Europe to Oceania. Say you’ll get to know a few dozens of those. Will maybe be able to befriend about 10 of the opposite sex. You take all the time to know everything about each one of them, because this is serious, you don’t want to just throw your lineage somewhere and be done with it, do you? No, you’re taking this serious, as deep as it gets. It’s almost like you’re signing a contract that says this person has to do the best of them, just like you.

It’s completely understandable that by working as hard as we do to get ourselves good enough to honor all the stuff we talk about, we want someone just as fit, so you really have got to go on with this pressure. We’re dying and we don’t have time to put little shits on this planets who will end shaming our forefathers. But, maybe, we end up not really having time to have… Fun?

I am not saying we should have fun in the modern concept of fun, as in going around doing useless shit that leads us nowhere. In fact, what got me thinking about all of this is that I recently missed a heart-to-heart talk. Just sitting down and sharing all your crazy thoughts, stuff that makes you feel a weirdo, stuff you’re not particularly proud of but also don’t want to be harshly judged for by others (as you might already be judging yourself enough) and stuff you ARE proud of, but can’t talk to regular people about because, you know, it’s our stuff.

Fun is something deeper, it’s being in the middle of nowhere, with nothing really good or distractive and yet you find yourself not wanting to ever leave that place. This feeling is familiar to us because it is closely linked to love. When in love, you also find yourself in this situation. No matter what you are, that one person makes it the place you want to be.

This all feels really teenager and that is exactly how it is supposed to feel. I wouldn’t like to spend the rest of my life with someone who didn’t make me laugh. I wouldn’t want my children to spend a day with that cold feeling in their house, like joy is a distant word that has forgotten that place. They should laugh and feel it’s normal to see their parents going lovey-dovey because that’s just how life goes. A man and a woman find each other and have fun and kids.

I truly believe that once we manage to get rid of the marvelous gift of degeneration the past generation left us, finding someone will be easy. You don’t have to go out and hope to find a man who isn’t weaker than you (in all senses) or a woman who, well, is just like the average we have today. Once we get rid of this, it will just be normal that men are strong and reasonable and women are respectful and intelligent. Just like it has always been with our forefathers.

I hope all of this can actually come true and what I read about how miserable the world is now can be changed by a small fraction.


Ancient European Tales

I know nowadays we’re all swarmed by all of those Disney movies, all of those fairytales you have to spend your money on for young daughters, sisters, relatives and so on. All girls want to be a princess. All of them want to find a beautiful Prince with a magical Kingdom and eternal love, from such a young age it makes you wonder if those girls really understand what it means to get married. They just have it in them, the feeling for the right one, for being a chosen girl. They aspire for it before any chances of feminism entering their pure minds. Ever wonder why?

Most people out there dress their girls in long, detailed dresses, they comb their hairs and make it in various styles, but the reason why is absolutely never ever mentioned. The whole reason why we prepare our girls for beauty and marriage, why they debut in society. According to modern day society, it’s because men have been oppressing women’s real desires and future, where they could be powerful and commanding. If it really were so, I wonder why we have the instinct of becoming princesses. I remember putting on dresses and trying to look the most beautiful I could as a clumsy child and I was marveled  by the whole concept when my mother told me what a princess meant. From then on, all I could ever think of was becoming a princess. I drew my perfect prince, I drew dresses and even castles, before actually seeing any movies or cartoons that pictured them. All I had as a child was my mother’s voice guiding me through with her stories and some small drawings in the background of the small books we had.

Where does this come from? The feeling that he, your prince, is coming to get you? The feeling you must become a princess and to get there you must first be the best. Beauty, intelligence, delicacy, handcrafting, good heart and motherhood (playing with baby dolls since we are babies ourselves) are all basic requirements we search to improve from our early years. We only ever lose it because society itself makes us. You first go to kindergarten and are treated the same as every boy. Then you progress in life and you are taught that there is no such things as being a princess, everyone has an equal role and perfection is just a far ideal that doesn’t exist and even if it did it wouldn’t be achievable.

You are now peeled from your chances of being feminine, since it lost its space to compete with man in “equality”, of your hopes of finding true love because it now seems as an “abstract concept out of reality”,  of your dream of becoming a princess, since it is something that puts women down and of your efforts of becoming better, since perfection doesn’t exist. Now you don’t work in order to get better anymore, you become used to yourself and your flaws, never pointing them out and never moving on, for we now have lost one of the most important concepts of the ancient world: Everything in your life is directly and entirely your fault. This is bad, this is really bad news for us.

Take the example of Hercules. He was tricked with Hera’s magic to murder his own family. Most of us would think “Oh, but it was not his fault, why would he have to be punished?”. Even though, he went through all of the worst the human mind could think of to get his punishment and purification. The action on his hands were only his. There is no such thing as “society made him/her do it”, “society made him/her weak”. YOU are weak and YOU make your mistakes on your own account. This is only a parenthesis I added so we could move on with the main subject. We can’t go on discussing if we outright assume women as victims. There is no victim. The world is an eternal cycle of taking and being taken. Of course, it wasn’t that dark for women, once they were really protected by their man. I will not linger in this because there are many articles that can be found on the real role of women in the ancient world.

To understand better how we are attracted to those fairytales from such an early age and just so you get a picture of how embed it actually is inside us, girls, I will give you one good example: The beauty and the Beast. It’s by far one of my favorite stories ever. The story is about a girl who has a poor father and one day she goes to a castle only to find a bear-like creature (note that this is very important). She gets trapped with him, against her will at first, but gradually learns to love him and finds out he was a handsome man who only needed love to be released from a horrible curse cast upon him by a witch. He is actually a prince.

This story comes from two other stories that are very similar to each other. One is Valemon, the White Bear King and the other is East of the Sun West of the Moon. I have already mentioned Valemon in here before, because one of Th. Kittelsen’s work is about that tale.

White Bear King Valemon

White Bear King Valemon

East of The Sun West of the Moon is about a girl from a poor household. One day, a White Bear goes to her door and tells her father if he can marry his most beautiful daughter, he’ll make him as rich as rich gets. She instantly refuses marrying an unknown beast, but her father gets to convince her and so she leaves with the bear.

Rest of the story goes pretty much like Beauty and the Beast in the sense that she gradually falls in love with him. In their story, though, she is not to see his face (he assumes a man form every night to lay with her) but her mother makes her see him. He then has to leave to his stepmother’s castle which is East of the Sun and West of the Moon and marry a troll princess there. She searches for this castle high and low, until she finds him and they find a way to trick the trolls and stay together, freeing him from the curse.

East of The Sun West of The Moon by Kay Nielsen

East of The Sun West of The Moon by Kay Nielsen

(This also reminds me of the whole concept of love they had which transcends their own bodies, as the story of Aengus, but this is for another time.)

You don’t have to be a genius to connect all of this to the Bear Cult. Not only do we have the Bear Cult involved in a warrior’s strength (Berserk), the whole reborn of children and a vast extent of mythology all around Europe, but also in a girls development in original Europe. The image of the man-beast is related to the bear. He is only able to be with her once he passes through that phase. Both of them have tasks and are being tested. If they fail, he can’t become a man and she can’t become a princess.

This was not something we have to be taught to like. We are only told those stories. Whether we like them or not it’s up to us. If you come to think of it, why would girls love a story that talks about a man-beast, a bear, if it was not embed to them? Those all may have been ripped off of us throughout the ages, but we still instinctively love those stories. We tell them to our children, we like them ourselves as children. We watch the movies, we use the dresses, we are always practicing an ancestral cult and we’re not even aware of it. We may have the mainstream knowledge of Samhain, Yule, Lvpercalia and so on, but are we seriously aware of how many small details pass us by? Of course, you can say those stories were collected by the 1800’s, but for how long have they been told from mother to daughter before that? As far as we’re concerned, the Bear Cult comes from Neanderthals.

Do you get what it actually means? It’s as awesome as meaning that Neanderthal culture lives up to this day. It may have been stepped upon by ages and envious aliens to the European culture, but it never ceased inside us. We never really left our roots. It just depends on people going out and telling the truth. Every time you see your daughter saying she is a “princess”, she actually is and you should let her be! All girls have equal chances to be the chosen princess if they are taught to always seek for the best of themselves. We should be taught graces and not shame. You are only to me ashamed of who you are if you do not seek out for the best of it. This is what kills us little by little. This is what takes the Golden Light away from us, each and every time womanhood is despised.

What liberty have we got now? The liberty of being told what we have to be and think? The liberty of not being able to find our paths and being takes one by one into the Misery Inc. society is now? I would rather a thousand times being a princess in the woods. At least she had a use before, and it was to save her prince as much as he saved her. He would be forever trapped in that form with the troll had she not had the strength to fight for them. Was it their fault? It wasn’t. Does someone care about injustice? No. They just got up and fought. That’s all you can do against this world. If one does not want to fight, let them perish. This is the ultimatum of nature, of life itself.

“We are as linked to the soil as the soil is linked to our souls. We run and fight, but the wave brings our ships back home.”

The One Who Walks on Fire

The old world had the first religions. The first religions had the first gods. The first gods were the strongest souls sent by the Unknown One, or The True God. The wandering soul, of eternal and unimaginable power and wisdom. The One represents the light, as seen by the Persians in the Avesta and in the European paganism as the Light Gods. The one who fights death and impurity of both body and soul. In the Persian Avesta, you can see his presence directly linked to light and fire, as spoken by Zoroaster, and indirectly in the Indo-European paganism with the fire rituals that were used for cleansing the spirit.

This spirit of perfection and unreachable to our material body cannot make contact with the imperfection of material. He sent us the Gods because they were the nearest piece of him he could send. Those were the gods who represented the way our perfect spirits kept themselves untouched by the filth of the material devils. They represent qualities inherent to our souls, such as Freyja represents our femininity, the dearest care, the force of life in both animals and plants. All of those qualities which were brought with us when we parted ways from the Original One. Our gods are channels to reach our original form, the eternal form. The gods themselves are spirits just like us, but they weren’t trapped in matter.

Why, then are we decayed, if we come from perfection and shoulder our gods?

It happened because the longer we stay here, the more our souls will get strong or decay. Some of us got stronger and are nearer and nearer to the gods, whilst some of us decayed and they are being consumed by the material devils. Your soul depends on your descendents to survive. If your deeds are noble in core, you honor your ancestors, whose souls you carry. If your children themselves do not do this, your own soul will decay and be trapped in disgrace. This is the reason why dishonoring the name of your house is the worst shame you could have.

In order to stop decaying, we must get rid of the physical and material and see only with our instincts, for they are the only real things which connect us to the gods. This is what made our ancestors see the gods so clearly and even point out the physical locations where they were: They were nearer to the gods than we ever were, but maybe not than we will ever be. We still have the chance to change it if we look inside.

Does our physical body not matter anymore?

Yes, it does. Your physical body is what allows you to reach other spirits. Your spirit lives in there, and so will the spirits of your children, for they inherit your body as well as your soul. Your body is the armor protecting you from the impurity that surrounds us. Keep it clean, do not let it be gone. Your body represents all of your ancestors, all of your people’s History. Stain it once and it will take millennia to recover. Each people have their own origins in body and soul and we cannot speak for other’s origins, but I will say what I know for the Europeans and Aryans: Our light and dark have close connection, much like the Egyptians and Hindus. What happened is our souls went different ways, just like our bodies, and we have to fight to keep what we have in honor to our common ancestors. Sadly, the Egyptians and Aryans fell. Aryans fell when Persia lost their tradition of Avesta and the house of Achaemenes was no longer one of light and fire. Egyptians fell when they no longer knew the importance of their bodies and souls, but only that of the gold when its reflex blinded them.

Study your own soul is not merely looking inside yourself, but it means being able to look inside each and every one of your ancestors. Who were they and where are they? Do you know which one of them gave you your soul? Can you feel and love them as members of your family?

Is the distance between us and the gods something we can overcome or are we forever trapped in fear and decay?

We can overcome this decay, as long as we realize the fact that the times is driving us. When you are born, your connection was recently established with the matter surrounding you, it’s the strongest connection you’ll have with it in your life, but it’s also the one in which you know less about yourself, so you can’t be corrupted yet. As we grow, this connections isn’t as strong, as years only weaken the connection of our soul to our material self, but our soul is more corruptible because we now know ourselves. You know both light and darkness inside you. Light is that of fire and hardship, that of cleansing. Dark is that of sliding through things and venom , the twisted and easy one. You have all of our gods: The femininity, wisdom, strength, intelligence, purity, happiness, hard-work etc; each and every one of them is a little piece of the light in your path; each one you fail is a piece of you that dies out.

Follow the words of our gods before they die in this filthy world. It has weakened them. We can only start living by them again and wait until the old ones are gone and wait for the return of Baldr, when light will come and all of our goodness and effort is renewed and strengthened. We ourselves only die when we let the evil spirits of matter consume us. We do not need that. If you can, just like me, sense the end is near, you can also sense that light is coming. There is a new future which will set this world ablaze.

Falling in the Mainstream

So, as a modern girl, I obviously do search (more like stalk, because I don’t make contact with anyone) communities. Nowadays, we have a lot of communities pointed towards traditionalism and paganism. Which should be good. Well, at least, it should.

The problem with falling in the mainstream is not that we want to be “underground” or “hipsters” or whatever word you use for those retards who want to be thought of as “cool“. The problem here is that we are dealing with ideas and ideals, which have a reputation depending on its participants.

No matter how much you say “oh, but just a few of them are dumb, the true Traditionalists…” and proceed to the True Scots fallacy. If lower people adhere to a movement, the movement itself becomes lower. This is all the reason why I think we should allow our names just anywhere. Once those idiots think they know something about anything, they will start talking about it and pretending they are actually engaged to it. For us, who really do have our whole minds and hearts taken into Traditionalism, it’s easy to spot one of those; but for anyone else outside of it, it will make the WHOLE of us look ill.

There must be plenty of Muslims out there with good intentions. Does knowing this make you feel less tense when there is one of them on a plane? No, it does not. Now you just compare how many of them are out there and how many of them are actual terrorists.

Then, there is the selection part. Even if –and I said IF– those people don’t manage to ruin our outside image, they will still try to enter the inner layers of the cause, the intellectual circle and the active circle. At that moment, two things can happen: a. They manage to start learning something; b. They do not learn anything and keep being ignorant, which will lead to them being expelled from any kinds of groups related to Traditionalism and later attempts to “revenge”.

What made me realize that was the huge amounts of supposed “fan groups” dedicated to Varg Vikernes. Thank Wotan I got to know about Varg, Marie and their thoughts before that, because otherwise I would think Varg was a church-burning crazy bag –and not one of the intelligent ones.
Can you see how it can have a bad effect? Varg is brilliant in his teachings, but the wrong people spreading his name and even his image can get twisted.

I do believe it is necessary that some people get exposed out there to act as mentors and propaganda to instigate people, make them read, make them learn. We can’t filter who sees us and what they will see us as, but we can try to filter our image out there.

Make sure to undo any misconceptions you see about us ANYWHERE. I don’t mean just the internet. I mean your family, your friends and anyone surrounding you. Show a good argument and they won’t be able to resist repeating your intelligent and remarkable words as their opinion when some misconception about us comes up near them.

People mirror attitudes they think of as strong and intelligent. Show yourself as a well-organized person and have a good posture when you talk. This is the basics for anyone who ever thinks of taking up on any political ideals.

Remember: You take care of your soul, body and mind. All three of them.

HailaR Freyja

I’m sorry

This is a personal blog, but I have been trying to make it into something useful.
The problem is, right now, I am facing a deep problem with depression.
Yes, I do know what depression means. It means that for over an year now I avoid social interaction, I feel way too tired, I have constant thoughts of suicide, I can’t bond with people (nor can I trust or love them truly) and I can’t deal with my feelings. I repel every person I love and regret every action I take.
This blog was supposed to be a sort of escape to me, but now it’s not anymore. Nothing ever really is. It has no cure and no completely functional treatment. It’s stuck with me forever.
I beg the pardon of those who cared to follow me and even guided some people here because of the content I posted.
I would like to thank you all, dearly, for your attention.
Now I must ask for your comprehension. It’s not being easy on me.
It could take a day, a month, a year or I could never come back.
See you.

Dealing With Love

I am just a common modern person: I like studying, I like science, I love literature (Romantic and non-Romantic, including essays etc) and I love art. I consider myself to be reasonably intellectual and strongly interested in learning new things. I am connected to metaphysical philosophy, I try learning new languages and studying different cultures. But in the end, above all of that, I am strongly engaged in sociopolitics. My life revolves around being an Odalist, pro-European, promoting pan-Europeanism and naturalism. I have traditional (antique) views on who a woman should be and what is her role in society. Yes, I am a woman myself, and yes, that does mean all of my views imply for me too.

I believe a woman should bear as many children as she possibly can. Healthy and intelligent children from a healthy and intelligent man. She must be a nurse, not in the sense of going to University and have a diploma, but as in following her instincts and the ancient knowledge we have about medicinal plants. A woman must depend on her loyal husband and be the best wife she can, but she must also be strong enough to have him depend on her at difficult times. She must be a teacher, for she is the one who will teach her children the moral values and the culture of our people –something which, unfortunately, our women have failed to do over the last decades.

Now, to undo all the misconceptions surrounding that, I do absolutely NOT believe a woman should be a “slave” of her man, being like a child-bearing maid for him. She has the right to be with someone she truly loves and who truly loves her too. Someone who listens to her and her insecurities, fears and feeling of powerlessness beyond the modern world.

Women are naturally insecure. Not because we’re incapable, but because we’re afraid of not being safe enough to care for ourselves and our children. Our survivalist instinct is, I dare say, stronger than men’s. Women bear a child per year, at their best, while a single man can fertilize LOTS of women –which is also the reason why women are not (supposed to be) soldiers. We’re insecure because we have a lot of needs. We need to feel passion, we need to feel desire, we need to feel protected, we need to feel like someone needs us. We are always on the search for a way to “cry for attention”, because our inner self -or instinct- simply knows we will never be happy if there is not a man to provide us with all of that.

All those factors have done to our women what we see today: a constant and shameful decaying process. Women now seem to think surgeries will fulfill the vacuum left inside them for not having a real man, a provider, a loyal person who will be there to guide her in her fears and catch her when she falls, someone to accept her and forgive her flaws. We’re all lost and we don’t really know what to do with our lives because we’re always afraid of the future. I’m not blaming men, because they don’t know women anymore as well. We need to get to know each other once again. What was so obvious to our ancestors is now our biggest enigma. It took me long enough to see the answer to my unhappiness as a modern woman, but now I see it clearly.

If you’re a man, have patience with your woman. She will doubt you all the time. She will be scared to see you as a provider and be left with nothing in the end. She will have, for a long time, the thought you will leave her as a stay at home mom with no job and children to care for, because that’s just what the coward modern man does. We needed laws to tell our men to take care of their women and children, don’t expect her to blindly trust you within a month-old relationship. She will think you’ll trade her for another woman and you don’t even have to give her any reasons to think that; she won’t know what to do with her frustrations towards you and she will be too proud to tell you that; she will expect you to excel at everything you do beyond your human capacity. When that time comes, you must simply tell her how you feel. Do not run away from that with one-night stands, alcohol, friends or drugs. The one who must guide your relationship is you. Women are a web of feelings for you to undo.

If you’re a woman, be sincere to your man. I know we tend to expect men to guess what we’re feeling because ancient men probably actually knew what their women thought and wanted with every little and subtle signal they sent, because they knew their women, but our men don’t know us anymore. This is also our fault, because we grew too proud to let them in. We grew too proud to tell them we want to be protected, listened, spoiled or desired. Tell him how you feel and ask him what he feels too. Show him who you are and, in time, his own instinct will open his mind. When that time comes, you will know he has become a man, and you must let him gently guide you. Yes, guide you, because I know and all women know that we don’t know what we should do with our feelings. We expect the blue prince to come and take us to his castle of perfection because princesses are always told what is the right thing to do and they will always be safe in the Neverland of Romance.

We’re fighting a great war against those who control the world and the media, but our greatest war is against ourselves. Control yourself and no one will ever be a match against you.