I do not know if this blog will have any viewers or relieve anyone’s heart, but that’s not worrying me. What worries me is how I can improve myself through this, through expressing. All that will be used here are humble words and images, for I cannot offer more.

The main subject will be the many distresses I have taken over the years, and believe others have taken too: the distress of being away from your natural habitat, of having to formulate your own sense of honor (once parents don’t know how to do this anymore), of not being able to mingle with the people near you, of not comprehending the meaning of what other people judge necessary, or, as you may call, being the black sheep. This is all due to the time, place and conditions in which I live. All of those factors make up a brain working non-stop since the day I have a sense of self.

That being said, I hope to understand myself and others better, as well as untying the knots the line of life has gotten to.


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