Being a Woman

Let us discuss the Christian view of a woman: the useless, the meaningless, the being that is worth no more than a horse. What living human on earth could possibly be fine with that? With knowing that the ones who suffer most with wars are women and horses? With knowing that being sexually abused is considered our fault, because we dress provocatively, walk provocatively or even have provocative eyes -things men use to blame us for their uncontrollable corruptness.

These men I talk about are, of course, the men who follow Abrahamic religions. The man who trades women like coins, who uses them as sex slaves, who sees them as good for no more than bearing his male children, who carry his name. This man sees honour only in himself, not in his family. His family is meant to bow for him. The women have to obey him no matter what, because that’s what they’re born for. His male children must carry on his legacy, growing up to know women mean less than men.


There is, though, another type of man: the pagan man. The pagan man believed the world was both a man and a woman. He believed the world was a balance, a family of deities, each carrying their own tasks, tasks only they could fulfill. There were the female deities. Deities that represented not only fertility or motherhood, but bravery and fight. Deities that were not only behind male deities, but stood beside them. Deities that gave them wisdom, council and could foresee their future. These female deities represented everything women meant to men. Everything a woman personificates to a man was in those female deities. The strength, the tenderness, the care and the struggle.



Brunhilde and Siegfried

Brunhilde and Siegfried


In pagan societies, men were also the ones to deal with the army and fighting, whereas women could not enter it most of the time. The reason for this is different from the Abrahamic one. Supposing all men die in war or hunting, who is going to lead the tribe on? Who can deal with the small children, can find food with less risks and knows about medicinal plants? Women could. A man can fertilize many women, but a woman can only have one child every nine months, and to every child she has to take about a year of care before she can safely give birth again. Who is more valuable, from the tribe’s point of view? Women were. This did not mean women were always forbidden to enter the army or going hunting, but this was an exception, for most women knew they had to save themselves for a greater good. They knew how to fight and hunt, because they were taught to, but they had another task only they could accomplish.

Today it is hard to differ a woman from a man, but this is because our women forgot who they are. They are not the Abrahamic slave. They are the pagan warrior. The ones who could gently care a child and bravely hold a sword. I have struggled with this for many years too, but now I remembered. I don’t need to choose between being strong or being a woman. I have to be strong in order to call myself a woman. I know my place and that does not mean I am submissive, that means I am irreplaceable.



  1. Very nice article. It is true that the image of women as represented, say, in the Bible, is absolutely nauseous. I can’t believe nobody realizes what women go through nowadays – and what the have gone through for more than two thousand years.. When I tell people that women had a far better position in society in the past (i.e. in a very distant past), everybody laughs at me and says : “Now, we are experiencing the heyday of Progress : women have the right to vote. Our ancestors were so utterly primitive.” What level of blindness and ignorance has humanity reached?

    As far as I’m concerned, and although I am not a woman myself, I firmly believe that women are the most sacred beings on Earth. The way they are treated by modern society (and, notably, by the “pornocrats” of a certain obedience) is simply revolting. I’m not surprised that our prodigious ancestors worshipped so many Goddesses, and not only one celestial didcator, one male God who has been ruining women’s lives (and men’s as well…) for two thousand years. By the way, have you read this article, written by Marie Cachet, on the role of women in ancestral cult : What you wrote here brought this text to my mind…

    P.S. : I felt the urge to reblog this article. =)

    1. I haven’t read that article by Marie yet (I find her splendid).
      When we go back to the feminine role in the life of ancient men, they were seen as intrinsically necessary. They worshiped their women, as every woman was a goddess of life herself. It’s so easy to note that the role of a man cannot be played without the role of a woman and vice-versa… A real shame what has happened to us since christianization. I do understand the reason women have to be angry, but I also think they are blaming the wrong target here: our (European) men.
      Also, thank you for your kind words. I am still trying to express myself better and organize my thoughts in a clearer way, being that English is not my mother language.
      P.S.: Your blog will be a great help to improve my French! Keep up the good work.

      1. You are right (once again) when you say that the feminists, despite their tremendous efforts to rehabilitate women in our decadent societies, direct their anger at the wrong target. But we ought to stay confident : an ever-increasing number of Europeans are presently endeavouring to revive their culture and the values that have been shattered by centuries of blind obedience to a foreign, inimical cult.

        As for your writing style, I find your articles pretty well structured and easily accessible. What else can we ask? Thank you for your kind words as well. I must confess I am struggling with my blog’s ‘appearance” and – especially – against WordPress’s will to ruin the display of my articles (fonts, font sizes, underlinings, paragraphs…).

      2. Our youth was only lost in the moral values abyss our parents left behind. We were once lost as a whole and if everyone is guilty of the same crime, who will condemn? I have made many mistakes too, because there was no one there to teach me about those values, I had to find them out in my struggle (in great part delayed by the dramas of puberty). We are the génération identitaire, after all.
        As to wordpress, I’ve had many troubles adapting (still do), despite being a “programmer”. There are just too many confuse functions and controls and I haven’t used 1/3 of them. hahaha

  2. Excellent article. Christianity and the other Abrahamics have always taken a position of woman that has always repulsed and disgusted me. For the Jews they are nothing more than baby makers. For the Muslims they are tradeable commodities: cattle The morals that are held today by society is no better. Feminism has only exacerbated and further obscured the role of a woman. It obscures even deeper what the image of women have been in our history and what they should be today. A lot of the women today struggle to find true meaning and purposes in their lives because they have been so bombarded with degrading prospects of women. What was once a healthy and traditional role for women is no more. Instead of wanting to have families and be in a real and fruitful partnership with a man what do they do?

    “Dress how you want! Eat what you want! You can vote now, go vote for your favorite Zionist! You can have a career! You can be whatever you want and not take any responsibilities! Grudgingly only have one or two children so they do not get in the way of your career and so that your race cannot repopulate itself!”

    Men have been blamed for “repressing” women while the real perpetrators go unnoticed.

    Women play such an important role in our lives and should be praised for what they do, not disgraced and scorned for being a housewife. When the so-called “liberated woman” was created by the real enemies of the race, she did not rush towards freedom and acclimation as they claimed, she instead rushed straight into chains. Is it any wonder that societies were once matriarchical and that the number of goddesses predominated over the gods? I am reminded of many deities once being goddesses and then being transformed into gods once the matriarchy dissolved, such as Njörd, Loki and Freyr.

    1. We presence today not only the propaganda for our white women to bear children, but the prohibition of it. We are trapped in this magical freedom illusion by economical threads. As you grow older, they get thicker and thicker. I know that I will not be able to bear children until I am older because of the curse economical power has cast upon us. We only free ourselves from it by going back to nature, growing our own food and cutting the bonds with the consumerist culture.
      The feminist movement is nothing but an abuse to the actual free and self-aware women. To take pride on being a woman is now considered humiliation. They feel sorry for the stupid little sheep. I find it funny, because they talk so much about freedom but you are only allowed to be free if you are exactly where they are.
      I wonder if there is an actual chance for our women to nurture society once again.

  3. After reading your Christian view of a woman, I immediately thought the backwards Saudi world and it’s horrors. You will see there the woman must walk behind the men, wear the full burqa in black (with the sun and heat!), and endure many harsh punishments for crimes hardly their fault (i. e. rape (?!)). Of course, a lot of Muslims will deny the abuse, but it certainly (and mostly) exists in these Wahhabi communities today.

    Your other description at the end I found particularly poignant because it describes in my mind the East Asian point of view. There are probably exceptions, but the East Asians see women as gentle beings who are submissive and do not participate in war, etc. They seem more like background figures, not to deal in public matters etc. Sure, they still perform an extremely important task (raising children), but they don’t utilize their whole potential.

    You put it best saying that woman can be both things: gentle mothers and proud fighters. After all, woman are far superior on average at using guns and projectile weapons. (Probably used bow and arrow mostly in hunter-gatherer times.) I think many women today make the false choice between “career” or motherhood. Do both! (And not waste their college degree on socialist garbage.) And don’t pay attention to feminism. Just ignore it. Do what feels correct.

    1. The problem with the Asian view is that women are not allowed to have a voice, they must be beauty and delicacy itself. The problem with the Abrahamic view is that… Well, we can be bought with camels, what else is there to say? The Ancient European view of a woman was the natural one. She wasn’t a thing, she was a person. She wasn’t supposed to be anything she was not, yet she was everything.
      To prove how highly men thought of us, up to this day we see “Earth” as a feminine entity. The same women who claim to be feminists are those who can’t tell why they use the expression “Mother Earth” on their vegan speeches.

      1. I think the “Mother Earth” comes from hunter-gatherer times, when we thought of the Earth as a woman. It gives like to plants just a woman gives life to children.

        And what do you think of the qualities of a man?

      2. “Man” is the provider and protector. The quality of “protector” is what made it easier to accept Abrahamic religions. Take the roles of Odin, Zeus, Jupiter etc. They were protectors and they were wise. They were the Father.
        The wisdom of men is also a great concern in pagan religions, as you can see with the “wanderer” figure Odin often takes. Men were wisdom and protection, they represented justice (and as such you’ll find that, generally, the “Judge” figure was a man in Pagan religions).
        Too much strength without wisdom (Giants) is depicted as destructive just as much as too much wisdom without strength (Loki).
        I think it’s wonderful how a man was judged upon having a balance among his qualities and this balance was his “Honor”. Today we laugh on the word honor because the balance is gone.

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