Check your privileges

Within the vast range of common rants found in the leftist argumentation, there is one in particular which has always caused me a personal distaste: “Check your privileges.”.

What do they even mean by it? I believe they are trying to say white people, particularly men are being privileged in our society, thus have no rights to object in any matter whatsoever. I believe they mean that, by disagreeing with any of their controversial, nonsense, offensive demands, white people are being just spoiled little brats, who don’t check how much they have before talking about poor, suffering minorities’ struggles. That’s when my personal problem with this comes.

Let’s just have a check on my whole background, which describes the backgrounds of many whites around the world. My family was poor. Really poor. They were so poor they went through hunger. They were so poor they went through real deadly diseases without any medical aid. They were so poor the children had to use maize as dolls (yeah, ikr?). They were so poor they wore shoes made with potato sacks. That’s how poor my background is. That’s how poor the background of the huge majority of Europeans has been across ages since the christian domination. Italians and Irishes worked like slaves in the “new world”. We had no privilege. We never meant any more than the negro slave. The rich wouldn’t dare reproduce with us. They were disgusted by us and our poor blood.

I am not ashamed of this “poor, disgusting background”. I am, in fact, proud to know how much they sacrificed so I could be here today, living a comfortable middle-class life. But my life hasn’t been all so sweet. I, too, have faced poverty in a part of my life and it was awful. From 7 to 11 years old, my family dealt with a huge economic problem, so we lived with just the real basics. Plus, by that time my mother had a drinking problem (she never went aggressive, but it was still pretty ugly). In school, I was lonely and actually mistreated for being “too white” (later on this problem got bigger, but leave this for another time) and my life was going down a hole.

Now that I’m a gown-up, knowing well about suffer and poverty and the complete lack of privileges, I have to deal with an Estate-wide decision: the pro-active measures to include the less privileged ones with poor ancestry and background. It is fair to expect that European descendants (those who worked like slaves to build these countries) would profit from it, if facing poverty, right? Yeah, well… Wrong.

They forgot to mention that by “less privileged” and “poor background” they mean miscigenated and dark-skinned people only. Yes, that is right, if you prove you are from an indigenous/afro background or simply have dark skin, you are approved into Estate-founded scholarships, you are given bonus in any Federal contest and you are entitled to 20% of the jobs in any private company. Yes, they have no choice, 20% of its workers will be dark-skinned/miscigenated.

It seems like white poor people don’t need any aid or pro-active measures. After all, they have all of those laws helping them already, just like that one, uh… What was it again? Well, I’m sure we’ll find something as soon as we cross the bridge to Terabithia or find the end of the rainbow.

Let’s just ignore it, then. After all, we’re good today, aren’t we? I mean, all measures that can help people are welcome. I am sure people will eventually notice it’s wrong to make all of these moves to help improving the life of all indigenous, miscigenated and afro-descendants and just leave white people behind. They will change those laws and include us, right? Yeah, well… Wrong. Not only they ignore that, but when people started noticing how unfair and single-sided those measures were, do you know what liberal lefties said?

“It is easy for you to say things like that, since you’re white. Check your privileges before you talk about those measures.”

Thinking about it, yes, I am so sorry that in the last 50 years a small portion of the white group, contained specifically in western Europe and parts of America and Oceania have lived well after our last 1960 years of poverty, suffering, lethal epidemics and war.

I am so sorry that after watching my life go down a hole two times I would dare think I deserved the same rights as every other citizen in the country.

How dare I say I am proud of my background, seeing how amazing and fantastic (not to mention far better) those other peoples are.

I should really worship them and kiss the ground they step on, right?

Yeah, well…




  1. This is probably one of the single most important things that made me realize as a younger person that things were not right in society. I live in an area where the whites are about equal with blacks. But apparently, since I’m white, I don’t know what racism is (even though I got trash-talked all the time from black kids). I grew up in a middle-class family, but not particularly wealthy at all (one-story house, etc). But apparently, since I’m white, I am rich (because of slavery, of course). I received an awesome mountain bike from my parents one year as my only gift. But apparently, since I’m white, my parents shouldn’t have given me that (and two black kids decided to steal it). I worked hard in school, making the top grades a lot of the time. But apparently, since I’m white, I didn’t deserve the rewards from the system as much as some poor black kid who couldn’t make the same grades (because of slavery, of course). And on and on. When you grow up hearing how whites are racist against blacks while being poked at from every which angle by blacks for doing nothing yourself, it’s becomes abundantly clear you are being lied to. Then you think, “What else are they lying about….?”

    The reality for North America today is that whites will continue to decline in influence and population. In about 30 years, except for rural areas in the north, we will be just another minority, in our own little neighborhoods, minding our own business. We’ll probably be doing alright, so naturally the other minorities (some maybe now majorities) will resent us (after all, we cheat and steal, right?) So then the richer of us will retreat to gated communities more and more. The poorer of us will mix more and more with the other races or be subjugated. We will wall ourselves in and live a life in our own little islands. All I know is, my future children will not be with them. They’ll be in Europe.

    1. If things go on as they are, we’ll soon be treated as slaves. I have not only suffered “bullying” for being white, but they really went AFTER me. All the time. We can all pretend that living together is ok but it’s not. We have seen and felt it’s not. The problem only arises when the European people say they want a place for themselves to exist as a people. I find it funny that so many of us fight for the rights we can’t have ourselves.

      1. Anyone who actually lives with other races is not stupid enough to believe the lies. It’s right in your face; you can’t ignore it. The blacks in my area seem to have calmed down a little bit after Obama got elected, but I doubt that would last in any economic crisis.

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