Month: September 2014

Arbeit macht Frei

This is a small consideration I am to make about the phrase “Arbeit macht Frei” (Work makes free – work will free you), which was found in German refugee sites (concentration camps) during WWII.

The first thing we need to understand is the European concept of work. Europeans have seen hard working as noble and invigorating for centuries. Taking matters to your own hands, being useful, building things. This is what our people have always been good at. Look at the antique and ancient handcrafts, made with no technology, no plastic, only a man’s hands and his carving knife. Giant houses of splendid architecture built with no lorries and using, at the best, some levers to help them.
Work provides your family, work builds our villages and towns, work proves your worthy and fills your life with meaning. Work makes you noble and blesses you with great values, work builds your moral sense. Those who work hard achieve higher and have a better spirit.

Let’s take a look now at the profile of those who were sent to concentration camps: people of doubtful origins, people who liked making easy money (even at the expense of an entire gentile population), people who intentionally tried to pervert all of those good senses we need to survive as a race.
The solution the German people as any European people could possibly find was to purify them with work. Work to fulfill them with what they lacked. Work to make them understand the hardship and pleasure of building something with your own hands, to be a constructive person who had more in them than the simple desire for money, but a desire for honor.
Once they got all of that in them, they could be made free. Once they were taught the values European men judged indispensable for any living person, those values that prove you are worthy of our soil, they would be free. Not only free from the camps, but free from their past selves, those who were blinded by their greediness and laziness, to a brand new and fresh person, with high morale on themselves and no need to destroy in order to achieve.

So, here I am, proud to say: ARBEIT MACHT FREI!