Month: November 2014

I’m sorry

This is a personal blog, but I have been trying to make it into something useful.
The problem is, right now, I am facing a deep problem with depression.
Yes, I do know what depression means. It means that for over an year now I avoid social interaction, I feel way too tired, I have constant thoughts of suicide, I can’t bond with people (nor can I trust or love them truly) and I can’t deal with my feelings. I repel every person I love and regret every action I take.
This blog was supposed to be a sort of escape to me, but now it’s not anymore. Nothing ever really is. It has no cure and no completely functional treatment. It’s stuck with me forever.
I beg the pardon of those who cared to follow me and even guided some people here because of the content I posted.
I would like to thank you all, dearly, for your attention.
Now I must ask for your comprehension. It’s not being easy on me.
It could take a day, a month, a year or I could never come back.
See you.