Falling in the Mainstream

So, as a modern girl, I obviously do search (more like stalk, because I don’t make contact with anyone) communities. Nowadays, we have a lot of communities pointed towards traditionalism and paganism. Which should be good. Well, at least, it should.

The problem with falling in the mainstream is not that we want to be “underground” or “hipsters” or whatever word you use for those retards who want to be thought of as “cool“. The problem here is that we are dealing with ideas and ideals, which have a reputation depending on its participants.

No matter how much you say “oh, but just a few of them are dumb, the true Traditionalists…” and proceed to the True Scots fallacy. If lower people adhere to a movement, the movement itself becomes lower. This is all the reason why I think we should allow our names just anywhere. Once those idiots think they know something about anything, they will start talking about it and pretending they are actually engaged to it. For us, who really do have our whole minds and hearts taken into Traditionalism, it’s easy to spot one of those; but for anyone else outside of it, it will make the WHOLE of us look ill.

There must be plenty of Muslims out there with good intentions. Does knowing this make you feel less tense when there is one of them on a plane? No, it does not. Now you just compare how many of them are out there and how many of them are actual terrorists.

Then, there is the selection part. Even if –and I said IF– those people don’t manage to ruin our outside image, they will still try to enter the inner layers of the cause, the intellectual circle and the active circle. At that moment, two things can happen: a. They manage to start learning something; b. They do not learn anything and keep being ignorant, which will lead to them being expelled from any kinds of groups related to Traditionalism and later attempts to “revenge”.

What made me realize that was the huge amounts of supposed “fan groups” dedicated to Varg Vikernes. Thank Wotan I got to know about Varg, Marie and their thoughts before that, because otherwise I would think Varg was a church-burning crazy bag –and not one of the intelligent ones.
Can you see how it can have a bad effect? Varg is brilliant in his teachings, but the wrong people spreading his name and even his image can get twisted.

I do believe it is necessary that some people get exposed out there to act as mentors and propaganda to instigate people, make them read, make them learn. We can’t filter who sees us and what they will see us as, but we can try to filter our image out there.

Make sure to undo any misconceptions you see about us ANYWHERE. I don’t mean just the internet. I mean your family, your friends and anyone surrounding you. Show a good argument and they won’t be able to resist repeating your intelligent and remarkable words as their opinion when some misconception about us comes up near them.

People mirror attitudes they think of as strong and intelligent. Show yourself as a well-organized person and have a good posture when you talk. This is the basics for anyone who ever thinks of taking up on any political ideals.

Remember: You take care of your soul, body and mind. All three of them.

HailaR Freyja



  1. I always do as much as i can, especially concerning the defense of our honour.. In the deeps of my heart i have sworn a silent oath to do so. ‘Moge mijn gemoed immer onrust kennen vooraleer deze eed tot zijn eind is gebracht’ I spoke once to myself. And accordingly i have been accompanied by that kind of restlessness which forces me to go to great lengths, even spend all my energy if necessary, only to defend those forgotten yet irreplaceable ideals of ancient times. I have no idea what influence my words may have had. But the deed in itself was what mattered most I believe. No power in the world can ever take that away. Even that great weariness which threatens to break one’s back at times cannot alter the determination of our spirit. In the end exhaustion too must pass.
    It is therefore I read your words with my heart, and not merely comprehend but feel it, for which i am thankful.
    you express your thoughts very clear, intelligible and yet the whole is very vivid and captivating. So besides the fact I enjoy the meaning, you seem a very talented writer with a lot of potential as well.

    1. Your oath is remarkable. I am sorry, but I will steal it from you 😉

      The weight of our own words are not to be a burden anymore, but to be our strength. I take each word I speak as an utmost rule.
      Each word is an oath, each word should be the truth for now and ever.

      They can take anything from us, except ourselves.

      1. Stealing hm? I might make an exception for you fine lady! On the condition that you will share with me the incredible stories that will ensue from this oath. Deal? 😉

  2. I’ll admit that I was somewhat wary when I found myself becoming a casual Burzum fan thanks to Pandora a few years back. After taking Varg up on the chance to be a playtester for his game (because why not?), I’ve had plenty of chances to talk to him a great deal (admittedly mostly about video games and RPGs) and found him to be a pretty awesome dude.

    1. Most people have two opinions on him (and most followers of our perspective):
      First, we are complete morons who do not know what we’re saying;
      Second, we are extremists who are a great danger to human kind.
      Sincerely, you’ll find we are the average nice person walking down the street.

      1. In many ways, he’s become like my friends with whom I do not agree with on politics; if there’s a point of contention, there’s no need for either of us to bring it up. And I’ve found him to be far less obnoxious (not obnoxious at all, really) than many of my other friends with whom I disagree who WILL make it a point of bringing up said subjects. Ironically, for that reason alone, I’ve found myself able to see eye to eye with him on other subjects and be more sympathetic to those ideas with which I do not necessarily agree. Today, I would readily defend Varg as being as good and decent fellow as there is.

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