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Partners & Children

I have recently become aware of the fact that carrying on your legacy is not something that easy. It’s technically just going somewhere with people who think like you and BAM! You can marry and have children, except… No. We usually overlook a huge amount of factors because we tend to think practically when we have ideals, like it’s a war field and you have to simply move your soldiers. We’re not dealing with the fact that each and every person is a different one and it’s the small stuff that makes us who we are. I mean, it’s great we’re following the same ideals, but who are you, the real you, when no one is looking? How do you organize your bathroom, do you fold your bedsheets? Do you even use sheets or just the blanket? Wake up early? Like working hard or finding easy ways to accomplish tasks?

You may think that’s something bad, but really pals, I’m being optimistic here. This scenario is already set within the pre-condition that you actually manage to FIND someone that falls under your generally “wanted” profile. Which is not easy. Not at all.

Contemplate this: Suppose there is a group of about some hundred thousand individuals who do share some ideas regarding their ancestry. You now scatter them around the globe. Not so big a piece of the globe, but it reaches from Europe to Oceania. Say you’ll get to know a few dozens of those. Will maybe be able to befriend about 10 of the opposite sex. You take all the time to know everything about each one of them, because this is serious, you don’t want to just throw your lineage somewhere and be done with it, do you? No, you’re taking this serious, as deep as it gets. It’s almost like you’re signing a contract that says this person has to do the best of them, just like you.

It’s completely understandable that by working as hard as we do to get ourselves good enough to honor all the stuff we talk about, we want someone just as fit, so you really have got to go on with this pressure. We’re dying and we don’t have time to put little shits on this planets who will end shaming our forefathers. But, maybe, we end up not really having time to have… Fun?

I am not saying we should have fun in the modern concept of fun, as in going around doing useless shit that leads us nowhere. In fact, what got me thinking about all of this is that I recently missed a heart-to-heart talk. Just sitting down and sharing all your crazy thoughts, stuff that makes you feel a weirdo, stuff you’re not particularly proud of but also don’t want to be harshly judged for by others (as you might already be judging yourself enough) and stuff you ARE proud of, but can’t talk to regular people about because, you know, it’s our stuff.

Fun is something deeper, it’s being in the middle of nowhere, with nothing really good or distractive and yet you find yourself not wanting to ever leave that place. This feeling is familiar to us because it is closely linked to love. When in love, you also find yourself in this situation. No matter what you are, that one person makes it the place you want to be.

This all feels really teenager and that is exactly how it is supposed to feel. I wouldn’t like to spend the rest of my life with someone who didn’t make me laugh. I wouldn’t want my children to spend a day with that cold feeling in their house, like joy is a distant word that has forgotten that place. They should laugh and feel it’s normal to see their parents going lovey-dovey because that’s just how life goes. A man and a woman find each other and have fun and kids.

I truly believe that once we manage to get rid of the marvelous gift of degeneration the past generation left us, finding someone will be easy. You don’t have to go out and hope to find a man who isn’t weaker than you (in all senses) or a woman who, well, is just like the average we have today. Once we get rid of this, it will just be normal that men are strong and reasonable and women are respectful and intelligent. Just like it has always been with our forefathers.

I hope all of this can actually come true and what I read about how miserable the world is now can be changed by a small fraction.


The One Who Walks on Fire

The old world had the first religions. The first religions had the first gods. The first gods were the strongest souls sent by the Unknown One, or The True God. The wandering soul, of eternal and unimaginable power and wisdom. The One represents the light, as seen by the Persians in the Avesta and in the European paganism as the Light Gods. The one who fights death and impurity of both body and soul. In the Persian Avesta, you can see his presence directly linked to light and fire, as spoken by Zoroaster, and indirectly in the Indo-European paganism with the fire rituals that were used for cleansing the spirit.

This spirit of perfection and unreachable to our material body cannot make contact with the imperfection of material. He sent us the Gods because they were the nearest piece of him he could send. Those were the gods who represented the way our perfect spirits kept themselves untouched by the filth of the material devils. They represent qualities inherent to our souls, such as Freyja represents our femininity, the dearest care, the force of life in both animals and plants. All of those qualities which were brought with us when we parted ways from the Original One. Our gods are channels to reach our original form, the eternal form. The gods themselves are spirits just like us, but they weren’t trapped in matter.

Why, then are we decayed, if we come from perfection and shoulder our gods?

It happened because the longer we stay here, the more our souls will get strong or decay. Some of us got stronger and are nearer and nearer to the gods, whilst some of us decayed and they are being consumed by the material devils. Your soul depends on your descendents to survive. If your deeds are noble in core, you honor your ancestors, whose souls you carry. If your children themselves do not do this, your own soul will decay and be trapped in disgrace. This is the reason why dishonoring the name of your house is the worst shame you could have.

In order to stop decaying, we must get rid of the physical and material and see only with our instincts, for they are the only real things which connect us to the gods. This is what made our ancestors see the gods so clearly and even point out the physical locations where they were: They were nearer to the gods than we ever were, but maybe not than we will ever be. We still have the chance to change it if we look inside.

Does our physical body not matter anymore?

Yes, it does. Your physical body is what allows you to reach other spirits. Your spirit lives in there, and so will the spirits of your children, for they inherit your body as well as your soul. Your body is the armor protecting you from the impurity that surrounds us. Keep it clean, do not let it be gone. Your body represents all of your ancestors, all of your people’s History. Stain it once and it will take millennia to recover. Each people have their own origins in body and soul and we cannot speak for other’s origins, but I will say what I know for the Europeans and Aryans: Our light and dark have close connection, much like the Egyptians and Hindus. What happened is our souls went different ways, just like our bodies, and we have to fight to keep what we have in honor to our common ancestors. Sadly, the Egyptians and Aryans fell. Aryans fell when Persia lost their tradition of Avesta and the house of Achaemenes was no longer one of light and fire. Egyptians fell when they no longer knew the importance of their bodies and souls, but only that of the gold when its reflex blinded them.

Study your own soul is not merely looking inside yourself, but it means being able to look inside each and every one of your ancestors. Who were they and where are they? Do you know which one of them gave you your soul? Can you feel and love them as members of your family?

Is the distance between us and the gods something we can overcome or are we forever trapped in fear and decay?

We can overcome this decay, as long as we realize the fact that the times is driving us. When you are born, your connection was recently established with the matter surrounding you, it’s the strongest connection you’ll have with it in your life, but it’s also the one in which you know less about yourself, so you can’t be corrupted yet. As we grow, this connections isn’t as strong, as years only weaken the connection of our soul to our material self, but our soul is more corruptible because we now know ourselves. You know both light and darkness inside you. Light is that of fire and hardship, that of cleansing. Dark is that of sliding through things and venom , the twisted and easy one. You have all of our gods: The femininity, wisdom, strength, intelligence, purity, happiness, hard-work etc; each and every one of them is a little piece of the light in your path; each one you fail is a piece of you that dies out.

Follow the words of our gods before they die in this filthy world. It has weakened them. We can only start living by them again and wait until the old ones are gone and wait for the return of Baldr, when light will come and all of our goodness and effort is renewed and strengthened. We ourselves only die when we let the evil spirits of matter consume us. We do not need that. If you can, just like me, sense the end is near, you can also sense that light is coming. There is a new future which will set this world ablaze.

Dealing With Love

I am just a common modern person: I like studying, I like science, I love literature (Romantic and non-Romantic, including essays etc) and I love art. I consider myself to be reasonably intellectual and strongly interested in learning new things. I am connected to metaphysical philosophy, I try learning new languages and studying different cultures. But in the end, above all of that, I am strongly engaged in sociopolitics. My life revolves around being an Odalist, pro-European, promoting pan-Europeanism and naturalism. I have traditional (antique) views on who a woman should be and what is her role in society. Yes, I am a woman myself, and yes, that does mean all of my views imply for me too.

I believe a woman should bear as many children as she possibly can. Healthy and intelligent children from a healthy and intelligent man. She must be a nurse, not in the sense of going to University and have a diploma, but as in following her instincts and the ancient knowledge we have about medicinal plants. A woman must depend on her loyal husband and be the best wife she can, but she must also be strong enough to have him depend on her at difficult times. She must be a teacher, for she is the one who will teach her children the moral values and the culture of our people –something which, unfortunately, our women have failed to do over the last decades.

Now, to undo all the misconceptions surrounding that, I do absolutely NOT believe a woman should be a “slave” of her man, being like a child-bearing maid for him. She has the right to be with someone she truly loves and who truly loves her too. Someone who listens to her and her insecurities, fears and feeling of powerlessness beyond the modern world.

Women are naturally insecure. Not because we’re incapable, but because we’re afraid of not being safe enough to care for ourselves and our children. Our survivalist instinct is, I dare say, stronger than men’s. Women bear a child per year, at their best, while a single man can fertilize LOTS of women –which is also the reason why women are not (supposed to be) soldiers. We’re insecure because we have a lot of needs. We need to feel passion, we need to feel desire, we need to feel protected, we need to feel like someone needs us. We are always on the search for a way to “cry for attention”, because our inner self -or instinct- simply knows we will never be happy if there is not a man to provide us with all of that.

All those factors have done to our women what we see today: a constant and shameful decaying process. Women now seem to think surgeries will fulfill the vacuum left inside them for not having a real man, a provider, a loyal person who will be there to guide her in her fears and catch her when she falls, someone to accept her and forgive her flaws. We’re all lost and we don’t really know what to do with our lives because we’re always afraid of the future. I’m not blaming men, because they don’t know women anymore as well. We need to get to know each other once again. What was so obvious to our ancestors is now our biggest enigma. It took me long enough to see the answer to my unhappiness as a modern woman, but now I see it clearly.

If you’re a man, have patience with your woman. She will doubt you all the time. She will be scared to see you as a provider and be left with nothing in the end. She will have, for a long time, the thought you will leave her as a stay at home mom with no job and children to care for, because that’s just what the coward modern man does. We needed laws to tell our men to take care of their women and children, don’t expect her to blindly trust you within a month-old relationship. She will think you’ll trade her for another woman and you don’t even have to give her any reasons to think that; she won’t know what to do with her frustrations towards you and she will be too proud to tell you that; she will expect you to excel at everything you do beyond your human capacity. When that time comes, you must simply tell her how you feel. Do not run away from that with one-night stands, alcohol, friends or drugs. The one who must guide your relationship is you. Women are a web of feelings for you to undo.

If you’re a woman, be sincere to your man. I know we tend to expect men to guess what we’re feeling because ancient men probably actually knew what their women thought and wanted with every little and subtle signal they sent, because they knew their women, but our men don’t know us anymore. This is also our fault, because we grew too proud to let them in. We grew too proud to tell them we want to be protected, listened, spoiled or desired. Tell him how you feel and ask him what he feels too. Show him who you are and, in time, his own instinct will open his mind. When that time comes, you will know he has become a man, and you must let him gently guide you. Yes, guide you, because I know and all women know that we don’t know what we should do with our feelings. We expect the blue prince to come and take us to his castle of perfection because princesses are always told what is the right thing to do and they will always be safe in the Neverland of Romance.

We’re fighting a great war against those who control the world and the media, but our greatest war is against ourselves. Control yourself and no one will ever be a match against you.

Arbeit macht Frei

This is a small consideration I am to make about the phrase “Arbeit macht Frei” (Work makes free – work will free you), which was found in German refugee sites (concentration camps) during WWII.

The first thing we need to understand is the European concept of work. Europeans have seen hard working as noble and invigorating for centuries. Taking matters to your own hands, being useful, building things. This is what our people have always been good at. Look at the antique and ancient handcrafts, made with no technology, no plastic, only a man’s hands and his carving knife. Giant houses of splendid architecture built with no lorries and using, at the best, some levers to help them.
Work provides your family, work builds our villages and towns, work proves your worthy and fills your life with meaning. Work makes you noble and blesses you with great values, work builds your moral sense. Those who work hard achieve higher and have a better spirit.

Let’s take a look now at the profile of those who were sent to concentration camps: people of doubtful origins, people who liked making easy money (even at the expense of an entire gentile population), people who intentionally tried to pervert all of those good senses we need to survive as a race.
The solution the German people as any European people could possibly find was to purify them with work. Work to fulfill them with what they lacked. Work to make them understand the hardship and pleasure of building something with your own hands, to be a constructive person who had more in them than the simple desire for money, but a desire for honor.
Once they got all of that in them, they could be made free. Once they were taught the values European men judged indispensable for any living person, those values that prove you are worthy of our soil, they would be free. Not only free from the camps, but free from their past selves, those who were blinded by their greediness and laziness, to a brand new and fresh person, with high morale on themselves and no need to destroy in order to achieve.

So, here I am, proud to say: ARBEIT MACHT FREI!

Check your privileges

Within the vast range of common rants found in the leftist argumentation, there is one in particular which has always caused me a personal distaste: “Check your privileges.”.

What do they even mean by it? I believe they are trying to say white people, particularly men are being privileged in our society, thus have no rights to object in any matter whatsoever. I believe they mean that, by disagreeing with any of their controversial, nonsense, offensive demands, white people are being just spoiled little brats, who don’t check how much they have before talking about poor, suffering minorities’ struggles. That’s when my personal problem with this comes.

Let’s just have a check on my whole background, which describes the backgrounds of many whites around the world. My family was poor. Really poor. They were so poor they went through hunger. They were so poor they went through real deadly diseases without any medical aid. They were so poor the children had to use maize as dolls (yeah, ikr?). They were so poor they wore shoes made with potato sacks. That’s how poor my background is. That’s how poor the background of the huge majority of Europeans has been across ages since the christian domination. Italians and Irishes worked like slaves in the “new world”. We had no privilege. We never meant any more than the negro slave. The rich wouldn’t dare reproduce with us. They were disgusted by us and our poor blood.

I am not ashamed of this “poor, disgusting background”. I am, in fact, proud to know how much they sacrificed so I could be here today, living a comfortable middle-class life. But my life hasn’t been all so sweet. I, too, have faced poverty in a part of my life and it was awful. From 7 to 11 years old, my family dealt with a huge economic problem, so we lived with just the real basics. Plus, by that time my mother had a drinking problem (she never went aggressive, but it was still pretty ugly). In school, I was lonely and actually mistreated for being “too white” (later on this problem got bigger, but leave this for another time) and my life was going down a hole.

Now that I’m a gown-up, knowing well about suffer and poverty and the complete lack of privileges, I have to deal with an Estate-wide decision: the pro-active measures to include the less privileged ones with poor ancestry and background. It is fair to expect that European descendants (those who worked like slaves to build these countries) would profit from it, if facing poverty, right? Yeah, well… Wrong.

They forgot to mention that by “less privileged” and “poor background” they mean miscigenated and dark-skinned people only. Yes, that is right, if you prove you are from an indigenous/afro background or simply have dark skin, you are approved into Estate-founded scholarships, you are given bonus in any Federal contest and you are entitled to 20% of the jobs in any private company. Yes, they have no choice, 20% of its workers will be dark-skinned/miscigenated.

It seems like white poor people don’t need any aid or pro-active measures. After all, they have all of those laws helping them already, just like that one, uh… What was it again? Well, I’m sure we’ll find something as soon as we cross the bridge to Terabithia or find the end of the rainbow.

Let’s just ignore it, then. After all, we’re good today, aren’t we? I mean, all measures that can help people are welcome. I am sure people will eventually notice it’s wrong to make all of these moves to help improving the life of all indigenous, miscigenated and afro-descendants and just leave white people behind. They will change those laws and include us, right? Yeah, well… Wrong. Not only they ignore that, but when people started noticing how unfair and single-sided those measures were, do you know what liberal lefties said?

“It is easy for you to say things like that, since you’re white. Check your privileges before you talk about those measures.”

Thinking about it, yes, I am so sorry that in the last 50 years a small portion of the white group, contained specifically in western Europe and parts of America and Oceania have lived well after our last 1960 years of poverty, suffering, lethal epidemics and war.

I am so sorry that after watching my life go down a hole two times I would dare think I deserved the same rights as every other citizen in the country.

How dare I say I am proud of my background, seeing how amazing and fantastic (not to mention far better) those other peoples are.

I should really worship them and kiss the ground they step on, right?

Yeah, well…


Being a European Descendant

For all of my life, I have been influenced by the European traditions in my family. Since I’m 1/4 German and 2/4 Italian and 1/4 Austrian, the biggest influence is the Italian one. I have spent my childhood learning about family, tradition and I have been taught what the role of the man is. From my German and Austrian lineage, the strongest traits I have are the tough ways of two of my grandparents (being that my grandmother by my mother’s side was Austrian and my grandfather by my father’s side was German) which were very hard-working and focused people. They were very diligent about working and hated losing time they could spend advancing work. From the Italian side (the majority) I have got the handcrafting, the cooking and the herb using, as well as a lot of life concepts too.

Now, both these sides suffered horrors when they left Europe. They were promised a temporary work, and if they worked hard enough here, they would be sent back to Europe, receiving lands to live off of. However, once they got here, they realized they were fooled. Their names were registered wrong, they didn’t speak the language, the people who lived here didn’t like their “racial background” and they barely had where to live. The men had to work as slaves. Real slaves. They got beaten and had almost no salary at all. No one cared for them. Their families had to deal with near starving conditions of poverty. That’s something real, something from my family. My mother had hard times as a child and saw her family go through serious periods of hunger.

I don’t have anything like that, because my family worked so hard they almost died (my grandfather actually died from pushing himself too hard). All I can have for them is gratitude, admiration and eternal love. They had to deal with so much emotional suffering. They were taken from their land, fooled, they lost contact with those who stayed, missing them day after day, not knowing of their parents and brothers. How much more did they have to suffer so people would stop saying that being white is being “automatically privileged“?

My family kept in a closed lineage, marrying mostly other Italians and Germans. There is even the story of a great aunt who married a Portuguese man and was expelled from the family. Yet, I am not in Europe -or, at least, not yet. I am so closely related to Europe in terms of blood that I have the right to a dual citizenship, which can bring me back there. I have many fears related to it. I am scared of failing. I am scared of not belonging here nor there. Maybe I don’t fit anywhere. Maybe the Europeans who love Europe as I do are gone. Even if that is the case, the only way of finding out is going back. My heart will never ease if I don’t go back to my roots. My pain has no other relief. We are bound to blood and soil and nothing can change that. Nothing will ever change me.

I feel weak

But I feel stronger by the clock.

Our bodies must have an end and we measure time by how long it takes us to get to this end.

The years are measured by counting the beginning and end of each season, brought to us by the earth’s translation around the Sun. We, then, measure one season of heat, one season of rain, one season of snow and one season of flowers. The months, then, divide the seasons in about three parts. The days, measured by half moon and half sun, make a week after seven of them have passed. After four of those weeks, we have a month.

As you can see, we approach the measure of time by many different angles, but does time have different meanings?

Many winters come and go in a lifetime. It takes our trees away and then give us the most beautiful flowers, almost as if in a egoist whim. The winter also makes it easier for the new plants, still small on the ground, to absorb the sunlight once the bigger ones have lost their leaves. I have seen it happen, time after time, for quite a while now, and it has changed my perception of time. A day may pass me by and I can still be asleep, or have not slept at all. That is all because I’ve had a lot of days and most of them changed nothing about me, they did not mark and special changes or growth in me, so I don’t mind keeping each of them in mind. They have become a dull and normal thing. Many of our kin lives up to a hundred of those winters, so how much significance exactly does a day have to us?

Yet, think of a fly. Their short lives can’t appreciate both winter and spring. Our hours are their years. We cannot understand things which are precious to them. They cannot understand things which are precious to us. They cannot understand the desires, the excruciating longing and the pleasure that comes with the fulfillment of those. All they know is to recreate themselves, and they need no more than a day to do it. Their lives is pointless. Or, at least, that’s how you and I used to think.

Think, then, of the gods and wights. A tree’s spirit has been there for 500 years before you were born and will be there for another 500 after you’re long gone. The comet you see once in your life, they shall see twenty times. This as well as all the animals we have never seen, all the stories we have only heard of, the flowers, the snow flakes and rains we only read about, the greatest love and hatred; this tree was there to see it all, time after time, until it became boring, small and pointless. We see her as unique, but we’re all the same for her.

If the spirit of a tree loved a human, it would be the same as a human loving a bug. We would meet in a day, at midnight, and when we got close to midnight again, our beloved one would be gone. Can you imagine the pain? Sleeping for eight hours and find them dead or that they have grown old because 1/3 of their lived has already passed? When winter came and the spirit of that tree fell into slumber, what could happen to its beloved human? Starve, freeze, get killed by any sort of thing unimaginable to the long-living spirit of that tree. This loss would be the same of the human who loved the bug, only we never think of ourselves as the less significant ones, we never consider that maybe the universe does not revolve around us. That is what we are: both big and small. Giant and long-lived for a bug, tiny and fleeting for a tree.

Forget not, though, how much a tree needs bugs and provide them at the same time;

Forget not that a hen’s life is small, but it’s her life that feeds yours;

Forget not that when you die, you will fertilize the soil you have taken from, eaten by the same bugs you have seen grow and die, judging insignificant;

Forget not that this soil you fertilize will bring the spring of many other people, who will see life just as you one day did.

Everything has a beginning and an end, but the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, the snake eating its tail. From that beginning to the end, we’re all living out of each others. Animals eat plants, animals eat animals and plants are fertilized from those animals.

This is how time works. One tree will feed many bugs and humans and many bugs and humans will feed a tree.