The One Who Walks on Fire

The old world had the first religions. The first religions had the first gods. The first gods were the strongest souls sent by the Unknown One, or The True God. The wandering soul, of eternal and unimaginable power and wisdom. The One represents the light, as seen by the Persians in the Avesta and in the European paganism as the Light Gods. The one who fights death and impurity of both body and soul. In the Persian Avesta, you can see his presence directly linked to light and fire, as spoken by Zoroaster, and indirectly in the Indo-European paganism with the fire rituals that were used for cleansing the spirit.

This spirit of perfection and unreachable to our material body cannot make contact with the imperfection of material. He sent us the Gods because they were the nearest piece of him he could send. Those were the gods who represented the way our perfect spirits kept themselves untouched by the filth of the material devils. They represent qualities inherent to our souls, such as Freyja represents our femininity, the dearest care, the force of life in both animals and plants. All of those qualities which were brought with us when we parted ways from the Original One. Our gods are channels to reach our original form, the eternal form. The gods themselves are spirits just like us, but they weren’t trapped in matter.

Why, then are we decayed, if we come from perfection and shoulder our gods?

It happened because the longer we stay here, the more our souls will get strong or decay. Some of us got stronger and are nearer and nearer to the gods, whilst some of us decayed and they are being consumed by the material devils. Your soul depends on your descendents to survive. If your deeds are noble in core, you honor your ancestors, whose souls you carry. If your children themselves do not do this, your own soul will decay and be trapped in disgrace. This is the reason why dishonoring the name of your house is the worst shame you could have.

In order to stop decaying, we must get rid of the physical and material and see only with our instincts, for they are the only real things which connect us to the gods. This is what made our ancestors see the gods so clearly and even point out the physical locations where they were: They were nearer to the gods than we ever were, but maybe not than we will ever be. We still have the chance to change it if we look inside.

Does our physical body not matter anymore?

Yes, it does. Your physical body is what allows you to reach other spirits. Your spirit lives in there, and so will the spirits of your children, for they inherit your body as well as your soul. Your body is the armor protecting you from the impurity that surrounds us. Keep it clean, do not let it be gone. Your body represents all of your ancestors, all of your people’s History. Stain it once and it will take millennia to recover. Each people have their own origins in body and soul and we cannot speak for other’s origins, but I will say what I know for the Europeans and Aryans: Our light and dark have close connection, much like the Egyptians and Hindus. What happened is our souls went different ways, just like our bodies, and we have to fight to keep what we have in honor to our common ancestors. Sadly, the Egyptians and Aryans fell. Aryans fell when Persia lost their tradition of Avesta and the house of Achaemenes was no longer one of light and fire. Egyptians fell when they no longer knew the importance of their bodies and souls, but only that of the gold when its reflex blinded them.

Study your own soul is not merely looking inside yourself, but it means being able to look inside each and every one of your ancestors. Who were they and where are they? Do you know which one of them gave you your soul? Can you feel and love them as members of your family?

Is the distance between us and the gods something we can overcome or are we forever trapped in fear and decay?

We can overcome this decay, as long as we realize the fact that the times is driving us. When you are born, your connection was recently established with the matter surrounding you, it’s the strongest connection you’ll have with it in your life, but it’s also the one in which you know less about yourself, so you can’t be corrupted yet. As we grow, this connections isn’t as strong, as years only weaken the connection of our soul to our material self, but our soul is more corruptible because we now know ourselves. You know both light and darkness inside you. Light is that of fire and hardship, that of cleansing. Dark is that of sliding through things and venom , the twisted and easy one. You have all of our gods: The femininity, wisdom, strength, intelligence, purity, happiness, hard-work etc; each and every one of them is a little piece of the light in your path; each one you fail is a piece of you that dies out.

Follow the words of our gods before they die in this filthy world. It has weakened them. We can only start living by them again and wait until the old ones are gone and wait for the return of Baldr, when light will come and all of our goodness and effort is renewed and strengthened. We ourselves only die when we let the evil spirits of matter consume us. We do not need that. If you can, just like me, sense the end is near, you can also sense that light is coming. There is a new future which will set this world ablaze.