European tradition

Dealing With Love

I am just a common modern person: I like studying, I like science, I love literature (Romantic and non-Romantic, including essays etc) and I love art. I consider myself to be reasonably intellectual and strongly interested in learning new things. I am connected to metaphysical philosophy, I try learning new languages and studying different cultures. But in the end, above all of that, I am strongly engaged in sociopolitics. My life revolves around being an Odalist, pro-European, promoting pan-Europeanism and naturalism. I have traditional (antique) views on who a woman should be and what is her role in society. Yes, I am a woman myself, and yes, that does mean all of my views imply for me too.

I believe a woman should bear as many children as she possibly can. Healthy and intelligent children from a healthy and intelligent man. She must be a nurse, not in the sense of going to University and have a diploma, but as in following her instincts and the ancient knowledge we have about medicinal plants. A woman must depend on her loyal husband and be the best wife she can, but she must also be strong enough to have him depend on her at difficult times. She must be a teacher, for she is the one who will teach her children the moral values and the culture of our people –something which, unfortunately, our women have failed to do over the last decades.

Now, to undo all the misconceptions surrounding that, I do absolutely NOT believe a woman should be a “slave” of her man, being like a child-bearing maid for him. She has the right to be with someone she truly loves and who truly loves her too. Someone who listens to her and her insecurities, fears and feeling of powerlessness beyond the modern world.

Women are naturally insecure. Not because we’re incapable, but because we’re afraid of not being safe enough to care for ourselves and our children. Our survivalist instinct is, I dare say, stronger than men’s. Women bear a child per year, at their best, while a single man can fertilize LOTS of women –which is also the reason why women are not (supposed to be) soldiers. We’re insecure because we have a lot of needs. We need to feel passion, we need to feel desire, we need to feel protected, we need to feel like someone needs us. We are always on the search for a way to “cry for attention”, because our inner self -or instinct- simply knows we will never be happy if there is not a man to provide us with all of that.

All those factors have done to our women what we see today: a constant and shameful decaying process. Women now seem to think surgeries will fulfill the vacuum left inside them for not having a real man, a provider, a loyal person who will be there to guide her in her fears and catch her when she falls, someone to accept her and forgive her flaws. We’re all lost and we don’t really know what to do with our lives because we’re always afraid of the future. I’m not blaming men, because they don’t know women anymore as well. We need to get to know each other once again. What was so obvious to our ancestors is now our biggest enigma. It took me long enough to see the answer to my unhappiness as a modern woman, but now I see it clearly.

If you’re a man, have patience with your woman. She will doubt you all the time. She will be scared to see you as a provider and be left with nothing in the end. She will have, for a long time, the thought you will leave her as a stay at home mom with no job and children to care for, because that’s just what the coward modern man does. We needed laws to tell our men to take care of their women and children, don’t expect her to blindly trust you within a month-old relationship. She will think you’ll trade her for another woman and you don’t even have to give her any reasons to think that; she won’t know what to do with her frustrations towards you and she will be too proud to tell you that; she will expect you to excel at everything you do beyond your human capacity. When that time comes, you must simply tell her how you feel. Do not run away from that with one-night stands, alcohol, friends or drugs. The one who must guide your relationship is you. Women are a web of feelings for you to undo.

If you’re a woman, be sincere to your man. I know we tend to expect men to guess what we’re feeling because ancient men probably actually knew what their women thought and wanted with every little and subtle signal they sent, because they knew their women, but our men don’t know us anymore. This is also our fault, because we grew too proud to let them in. We grew too proud to tell them we want to be protected, listened, spoiled or desired. Tell him how you feel and ask him what he feels too. Show him who you are and, in time, his own instinct will open his mind. When that time comes, you will know he has become a man, and you must let him gently guide you. Yes, guide you, because I know and all women know that we don’t know what we should do with our feelings. We expect the blue prince to come and take us to his castle of perfection because princesses are always told what is the right thing to do and they will always be safe in the Neverland of Romance.

We’re fighting a great war against those who control the world and the media, but our greatest war is against ourselves. Control yourself and no one will ever be a match against you.